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Programs : Budget Sheet
The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for College Year in Athens.

Spring Budget Sheet for College Year in Athens

Spring Budget Sheet for College Year in Athens
Budget Item Internal
Comprehensive fee for affiliated programs *   $22,760.00
Application fee * $0.00
Program deposit * $0.00
Study abroad administrative fee * $650.00
Application fee * ~n/a
Program deposit * ~n/a
Application fee * ~n/a
Billable subtotal:  $23,410.00
Program-related field trips and guided excursions   $0.00
International Student Identity Card   $0.00
Housing   $0.00
Comprehensive health insurance   $0.00
Program handbook and other program materials   $0.00
Orientation at program site   $0.00
Passport photos   $20.00
Passport fee   $110.00
Personal expenses and independent travel   $4,000.00
Roundtrip airfare   $0.00
Meals   $0.00
Roundtrip airfare   $0.00
Meals   $0.00
Roundtrip airfare   $0.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $4,130.00
Total: $27,540.00

Because each student is unique in what they desire in a study abroad experience, costs may vary widely from student to student. Cost differences may be related to housing preferences, extracurricular excursions and independent travel and meals. Use these budget sheets as a starting point for comparing costs of the programs you are considering. For affiliated programs, you may find additional cost information on the provider's website.

Please contact the Office of International Programs if you need further information or explanation of associated costs.

* Billable item