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Student Recommendations

How to Provide Student Recommendations Using the Online System


Students applying for study abroad through Hollins University generally need two faculty recommendations to complete the application process. We encourage students to contact you directly about your providing a recommendation before they input your contact information. Unfortunately, not all students will comply and you may be “blindsided” by an emailed request for recommendation.

Through our new online system, students request faculty recommendation online by entering your email contact information. They should include background information with their request including which classes they’ve had with you, and a personal note. Again, sometimes the students may not provide this information to you with their request for recommendation.

You, as the faculty recommender, will receive an email from "" offering you two options for accessing the recommendation form developed by the Office of International Programs specifically designed to assist us in the decision process. Please check your SPAM folder in case the email is misdirected.

Option 1: If you rarely write study abroad recommendations, you may log-in without accesssing the system by using the Quick Recommendation Interface. This option allows you to access the recommendation form this one time only for this one student. You will be required to enter the Recommendation ID and the Last Name of Applicant, found in the email request you received. We suggest copying and pasting the Recommendation ID to ensure its accuracy. This option works well if you rarely make student recommendations for study abroad.

Option 2: If you routinely write several recommendations for students on study abroad, you may log-in as a user to the system thus creating your own account as a Recommender. From your International Programs homepage you will be able to see all your pending recommendations, view recommendations that you've already written and communicate easily with our office.

To ensure system security, your log-in credentials in the Recommendation Request email are only valid for 7 days. Again, to ensure accuracy in data entry, we suggest using the copy-and-paste tool to copy your system password into the log-in form. We recommend against saving your password to your computer, again to ensure system security.

Recommendations are submitted online directly into the student’s application within StudioAbroad. Paperwork is completely removed from the process of recommendations. The online process provides immediate tracking of submitted or missing recommendations.

Please contact the Office of International Programs at or 540-362-6089 or 800-511-6612 if you have any questions about our new “Green” process. Thank you.



Program Deadlines
Recommendations should be submitted within a few days of the program's application deadline. In order to quickly process and evaluate student applications, we must be able to consider faculty recommendations along with the student's other materials.

Affiliate Program Deadlines (dates remain the same for each academic year)
Feb. 15th

London Summer Internship
March 1st

Hollins Abroad (London & Paris)
March 15th

Travel Award Applications
May 1st

Hollins Abroad for Spring (London & Paris)
October 1