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Welcome Home!

Coming home requires an adjustment that can be as difficult as or even more difficult than the adjustment you need to make when going abroad. This is known as reverse culture shock or re-entry culture shock. When you leave your study abroad site, you will be leaving places, people, and a way of life which have become very important and familiar to you. You are likely to have changed as a person and may have new interests and values. You may be concerned about how you will adjust to being back at home and on your home campus and how your family and friends will adjust to the "new you."

The Office of International Programs hosts a Welcome Home reception each fall for students who have studied abroad the previous year. Each session focuses on you and your experience and how best to translate that experience into marketable language for your resume. All returnees are also offered the opportunity to apply to the Global Ambassador Program. To find out more information about this opportunity please email Sarah Short at

We in the Office of International Programs are always ready to listen to your stories of your study abroad experiences and offer words of advice and encouragement during your re-entry. Feel free to stop into our office in Turner Hall or contact us at to talk about any specific issues.

If you are returning from the Hollins Abroad Paris program, you may be interested to explore the Campus France Alumni website, which is a new platform where individuals who studied abroad in France can connect with one another and stay up to date on French business and culture, as well as explore professional opportunities. 

Graduating seniors, you can represent your study abroad experience with a stole at graduation! We recommend using this site to order your country flag stole:

Last modified 05/05/2017